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05 April 2020

Milano Marathon 2020

Join Bocconi University in the city marathon: you can race to support new generations of Bocconi students and in memory of Fabrizio, an Alumnus with a big heart.

The 42km will be back on Sunday 5 April 2020 and Bocconi will be part of the Charity Program for the 
fourth year in a row. The Charity Program is an important solidarity project that allows participants to run in relays for a non-profit organization to raise funds.

The project
The University is promoting the Partial Undergraduate Scholarship, which allows outstanding students to receive a 60% exemption on tuition and fees.

The goal? To raise the €24,000 needed to support the entire Bachelor of Science program for two new students and name the scholarship in memory of Fabrizio Cosi (Alumnus who took part into the creations of the Charity Program).

Past Years Results
Thanks to past editions runners and donors, we reached great results: more than € 74,000 have been raised and 6 students of the undergraduate program have been supported in memory of Fabrizio.

The relay marathon 
Bocconi University is providing free race bibs for 40 4-person relay teams (Relay Marathon), with each participant running approximately 10km.

In exchange for the race bib, each relay team will agree to promote the project and raise €600 through the Rete del Dono crowdfunding portal (€50 for each runner and the rest from friends and family).

The relay marathon is open to everybody (min. 16 years old). You just need to find 3 friends, colleagues or relatives and get involved.

The registration for the relay marathon will be possible exclusively through one of the Non Profit Organizations enrolled in the Milano Marathon Charity Program: choose Bocconi!

Want to participate? Follow these steps

1. Register for the Marathon
Go to the Relay Marathon page on the website, select Bocconi University and complete the pre-enrolment for your relay team on the portal (which will send us an automatic notification).

2. The crowdfunding campaign
Go to Rete del Dono and open your fundraising page linked to the Bocconi project “Per gli studenti, in memoria di Fabrizio” If you need some inspiration: check out what the relay teams did in 2019.

3. Runner donations
After the page has been opened on Rete del Dono, each runner can make their €50 donation and then begin inviting friends and family to contribute.

(Remember: all donations from individual taxpayers to Bocconi University – even those made through Rete del Dono – are 100% tax deductible).

After completing these three steps, you will be contacted by the University regarding the logistical details of the event.

Remember that this is a team effort: registration in the Marathon will be confirmed one week before the event only if the relay team has reached at least half of its goal (€300 of €600) and agrees to complete the fundraising during the following month.

All runners will receive:

  • Milano Marathon 2019 race kit (race bib, official t-shirt, race services)
  • Bocconi t-shirt for the race and swag offered by the sponsors
  • Participation to the Bocconi relay teams award event
  • Welcome and bags storage at the Bocconi stand in the Marathon Village

All the relay teams that run and reach their target will receive a small token of appreciation and special prizes will be awarded to the:

  • Relay team that raises the most
  • First Relay team to reach their goal
  • Relay team that receives the highest number of donations
  • Fastest relay team
  • Slowest relay team
  • Relay team with the most original name (at the discretion of the panel of judges)

Are you without a team? We will find you one!
Don't hesitate to contact us and we will find you great team mates.

Feeling like a pro?
If you feel like running the full 42km Marathon you have two options:

  • Solidarity race bib to support Bocconi with a €100 donation.
    • Free race bib by activating on retedeldono.it a Personal Fundraising page with a goal (eg. €200).

More information
Write to donazioni@unibocconi.it or call +39 02 5836 3426.

09:00 - 15:00
Bastioni di Porta Venezia, Milano
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